Church Of Scientology International Online Sec Check

What are your crimes? Well, our only crime is not really moving with the times. We realize that the young Scientologists of today have a much shorter attention span and a lot less motivation to come to the Org to do a Sec Check.

With this people in mind, we've made a slightly abridged version of the Whole Track accesible online, so you can find out if you're Out Ethics in your own time. Don't worry, we'll still record the results of the Sec Check for future blackmail.

Created by: Henk De Vries

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  1. Have you ever enslaved a population?
  2. Have you ever implanted anyone?
  3. Have you ever sacked a city?
  4. Have you ever sunk, or otherwise destroyed, a non-combatant vessel?
  5. Have you ever abused hostages, or prisoners?
  6. Have you ever ordered, or yourself committed, genocide?
  7. Have you ever annihilated a population?
  8. Have you ever poisoned food or drinking supplies?
  9. Have you ever strangled anyone?
  10. Have you ever deliberately spread disease?
  11. Have you ever degraded a religion?
  12. Have you ever raped a child of either sex?
  13. Have you ever warped an educational system?
  14. Have you ever deprived people of hope?
  15. Have you ever committed murder?
  16. Have you ever destroyed a culture?
  17. Have you ever forced anyone into an undesired beingness?
  18. Have you ever stolen a body from another being?
  19. Have you ever destroyed an economy?
  20. Is anybody seeking to discover your whereabouts?
  21. Have you ever violated a nation's neutrality?
  22. Have you ever broken a treaty?
  23. Have you ever blanketed bodies for the sensation trick?
  24. Have you ever upset an ecology?
  25. Have you persecuted others for their religious or political beliefs?
  26. Have you ever interfered with the free flow of trade?
  27. Have you ever been a crook?
  28. Have you ever obliterated a language?
  29. Have you ever stamped out a religion?
  30. Have you ever deliberately trained people in untruths for power, or profit?
  31. Have you ever defiled religious places, persons, or objects?
  32. Have you ever practised terrorism?
  33. Have you ever done anything you would not like to think of yourself as having done?
  34. Have you ever been a coward?
  35. Have you ever trapped a thetan?
  36. Have you ever prided yourself on your wickedness?
  37. Have you ever destroyed artistic productions, or creations?
  38. Have you burned literature?
  39. Have you ever forbidden people to practise their own customs?
  40. Have you ever perverted a people's customs?

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