Are you a member of the False Church

Many of us have been deceived by todays false church. Christianity as you probably know it is a merger of pagan, and first church beliefs. The 4th century when the church was taken over by previous pagans incorporated Christianity within their pagan customs very cleverly

If you do well. You have not fallen into the lie of the false Church. Most people today are led to believe that the major churches today are correct. It is up to you to teach others the difference!

Created by: Martin

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  1. What day is your Sabbath?
  2. Do you honor the following holidays? Christmas, Easter, Lent, Ash Wednesday
  3. What is most important to being a good Christian
  4. What best describes your idea of salvation.
  5. What best describes the Holy Bible
  6. What happens when you die?
  7. All sins are forgiven when you accept Jesus as Lord even if you repeat them over and over.
  8. One should pray at least four times a day
  9. Only the God of Abraham is Master of all the Universe
  10. The foundation of Christianity is based on what?
  11. I think a church is more holy if it has lots of religious artifacts, pictures of Christ, and Crosses.
  12. When we pray we should pray to who?
  13. When we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior we:

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Quiz topic: Am I a member of the False Church