Which Male Harry Potter Character Are You Most Compatible With?

This is a highly involved compatibility test to match you with the Harry Potter character that you would most likely be able to date and maybe marry someday. Since the characters are of course fiction, you are being matched with the personalities that I perceive the characters as having, so my results may not be what you think your results will be. For this I am sorry, but I cannot please everyone. Please let me know what you think of the quiz. It is very long, so good luck!

Ever wondered which male Harry Potter character you are most compatible with? Take this highly in-depth compatibility quiz and find out! BLah-de-blah da da...gotta get this character count up.....

Created by: Desirae
  1. How big of an impact does a man's wealth make on your decision whether to date him or not?
  2. I do things according to plan.
  3. I take time out for others.
  4. I feel unable to deal with things.
  5. I love to help others.
  6. I seek adventure.
  7. I often leave a mess in my room.
  8. I often carry the conversation to a higher level.
  9. I get stressed out easily.
  10. I often make others feel good.
  11. I am good at analyzing problems.
  12. I usually stand up for my self.
  13. I am easily discouraged.
  14. I can handle a lot of information.
  15. I waste my time.
  16. I catch on to things quickly.
  17. I usually wait for others to lead the way.
  18. I love order and regularity.
  19. I often do nice things for people.
  20. I get angry easily.

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Quiz topic: Which Male Harry Potter Character am I Most Compatible With?