Which Harry Potter Character are you?

There are many interesting things about each of the characters that go to Hogwarts. They all have strengths and weaknesses. You could even compare and contrast yourself to one of them.

Do you have enough guts to see which Harry Potter character you truly are mostly alike, even if the results may scare you? Well then take this quiz and you surely will find out!

Created by: Ashley
  1. If you could have any magical item or power, what would it be?
  2. If you could buy any magical animal, what would you buy?
  3. Which class would enjoy the most at Hogwarts?
  4. What would be your boggart, or the thing you fear the most?
  5. Which phrase would you be more likely to say?
  6. Which character would you be most likely to date?
  7. Among your friends, you're usually...
  8. What is a spell that you would use often?
  9. What is your hair style?
  10. Which color best describes you?
  11. Who is your worst enemy?

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Quiz topic: Which Harry Potter Character am I?