Do you know all about Harry Potter?

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There are many different book series, but when it comes down to knowing them, it can be a little challenging. Especially if that book series is full of magic, surprise, and a boy named Harry Potter.

Do you think you know a lot of good things about Harry Potter? Do you have what it takes to remember the important details from each book? Take this quiz and see how much you know about Harry Potter.


Created by: Candy o3o
  1. What is the scar on Harry's forehead shaped like?
  2. What kind of animal tail did Hagrid give to Dudley?
  3. What was the "spell" that Ron's brothers gave to him to turn his rat yellow?
  4. A three-headed dog guards the sorcerer's stone; What is his name?
  5. What is the name of the house elf that visited Harry Potter and told him not to go back to Hogwarts?
  6. Why did Ron get a Howler?
  7. What spell did Malfoy use that made everyone realize that Harry could speak to snakes and was a Parselmouth?
  8. Who did Tom Riddle use to help him open the Chamber of Secrets?
  9. Who was the Dark Arts teacher in Harry's third year?
  10. What did the boggart change into when it was Professor Lupin's turn?
  11. Why was Hagrid upset when he got a letter saying that his hippogriff's attack on a student wasn't his fault?
  12. How did Harry and Hermione save Buckbeak and Sirius Black?
  13. What is the Dark Mark?
  14. What are the three Unforgivable Curses?
  15. Who are the champions that are picked out by the Goblet of Fire?
  16. Who put Harry's name into the Goblet of Fire, who was also pretending to be Alastor Moody?
  17. Why was Harry sentenced for a hearing?
  18. What method of torture did Umbridge use to make Harry "stop lying"?
  19. What letter from Sirius did Harry get from his injured owl?
  20. Who killed Sirius?
  21. What did Harry use that helped him get the lucky potion from Professor Slughorn?
  22. How did Ron manage to play well in Quidditch?
  23. Who killed Dumbledore?
  24. What was wrong with the horcrux Harry and Dumbledore had fought to get a hold of?
  25. What happened to Hedwig while Hagrid and Harry were on their way to the Weasley's home?
  26. Which Deathly Hallows did Harry first own?
  27. How did Harry bury Dobby?
  28. How did Harry fix his broken wand?

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