Harry Potter: Do you REALLY know it?

Lots of people enjoy the seven book series Harry Potter which had also had every book made into fairly accurate movies. There are fans of all ages of this wonderful series but are you an expert in this field?

So are YOU a Harry Potter genius? This quiz is not as long as it would be had I not been stopped by the fact that I didn't want to overwhelm anybody. Hope you enjoy.

Created by: SarahA
  1. Who does Harry live with?
  2. How old was Harry when he got the mail and spotted a letter for him?
  3. Where did Harry sleep at the Dursleys before he got his Hogwarts letter?
  4. What was Aunt Petunia's friend name in the first book that was vacation in Majjoraca?
  5. In the seventh book, which two people die leaving another child orphaned?
  6. What are the house colors of Gryffindor?
  7. Who plays Ron?
  8. Who plays Draco Malfoy
  9. In the fifth book what does the D.A. stand for? Who teaches it?
  10. Were does Dudley go to school whist Harry is off at wizard school?
  11. What is Harry's Uncles name?
  12. What part of England does Harry live in?
  13. What is Ron's middle name?
  14. When is Harry's birthday?
  15. What is the spell to unlock a door?
  16. Who killed Sirius?
  17. In the third book what did Hermione use to get to all of her classes?
  18. Who kept taking pictures of Harry in the second book?

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Quiz topic: Harry Potter: do I REALLY know it?