How Well Do You Know Harry Potter?

The Harry Potter books are very detailed. If you know all of the things in the book, you have a freaky good memory. Sometimes you just wonder, how well DO you know your favorite book?

Are you a Harry Potter know it all? How well do you know Harry Potter? Can you quote from each book? Do you know all the characters? This quiz will test some of those questions. I do not expect you to pass if you haven't read all of the books.

Created by: harper
  1. What is Sirius Black to Harry?
  2. On what date do Harry and Hermione arrive in Godric's Hallow?
  3. What is Professor McGonagall carrying when Professor Moody has turned Draco into a ferret?
  4. When Harry is trying to find a way to breath underwater, what book does he fall asleep reading?
  5. What is the most important argument in the seventh book?
  6. What are Hermione and Ron looking to buy Harry when Harry mysteriously shows up in Hogsmead?
  7. How many arguments has Ron been in. (at Hogwarts)?
  8. Who are Harry and Ron's first girlfriends, and Hermione's first boyfriend?
  9. What is Bill and Fleur's daughter?
  10. How does the DA communicate?
  11. What charm did Hermione put on the fake galleons?
  12. How did Rookwood meet his downfall?
  13. How did Lupin know that Peter Pettigrew was alive?
  14. Here's and easy one. Who are all the Weasley's?
  15. How many movies are there?
  16. Which five wands has Harry used?
  17. What is Ron's middle name?
  18. Here is an answer. What could be the question? Jean.
  19. What are the last three words of the Harry Potter series?
  20. How many chapters are in the third Harry Potter book?
  21. In what book does Harry get the most annoyed with Ron and Hermione.
  22. Why does Harry get mad at Seamus in the 5?
  23. How many people die from books one through six?
  24. Which two (animals or people) die but don't?
  25. The final question. Who said this? What are they talking about? What is the missing word? "Whether it needs to pass by murder, I do not know. Its history is bloody, but that may be simply due to the fact that it is such a desirable object, and arouses such passions in wizards. Immensely powerful, dangerous in the wRong hands, and and object of incredible fascination to all of us who study the power of __________.

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