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This quiz is a totally optional, fun quiz for people who like/love Harry Potter, and just want to see what they're character would be if they were in the books. If you don't get the result you want, try again!

I am a total and true Potterhead. Harry Potter is the greatest book series of all time, and I couldn't stop crying after I'd finished the series. When I first did a quiz like this, called Harry Potter Character Generator, I loved it. And now, I want there to be more then just one. I hope you really enjoy this quiz!

Created by: Sonia Flathman
  1. Hi! Are you excited to take a quiz!
  2. What is your favorite magical creature?
  3. What's your favorite thing to do on the weekends?
  4. The Trolly Witch is coming by! What do you get from her cart?
  5. It's nighttime, and Harry invites you on a trip around the castle in the Invisibility Cloak! Do you:
  6. It's Hogsmeade time! With Harry sneaking in the Invisibility Cloak by your side, you visit first:
  7. In your seventh year, Harry tells you he's going Horcrux Hunting with Ron and Hermione. Do you:
  8. Your facing an inquiry because you used magic in your house for the second time, just like Harry. What happened?
  9. You cast a Patronus to defend yourself from a dementor diving at you. What is your Patronus?
  10. Malfoy and Crabbe and Goyle are bullying a defenseless first year. What do you do?
  11. Professor Flitwick gasps as you do a wonderful Charms Spell. Is it...
  12. Hagrid's a Professor now! What's your reaction?
  13. Finally, did you like this quiz?

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