How well do you know the Harry Potter books?

There are very many people who have read the Harry Potter books. Many of those people think they know the world of Hogwarts well, but do they really?

With this quiz, you can find out how well you really know the Harry Potter books! This quiz consists of 30 questions testing you on many things from Harry Potter, like spells, plots, characters, wands, and any other thing all Harry Potter quizzes should include. So what are you waiting for? Take this quiz and see if you're a Harry Potter expert!

Created by: Ultimate Harry Potter fan

  1. Let's start with some easy questions. Who put Harry's name into the goblet of fire?
  2. Which are names for Voldemort?
  3. What describes Harry's wand?
  4. Who made the sorcerer's stone?
  5. Who was Fred and George's favorite Defense against the dark arts teacher listed?
  6. Who gave Hermione her time turner?
  7. In what book does Hermione punch Draco Malfoy?
  8. What is Remus Lupin's middle initial?
  9. Where was the Boa Constrictor Harry let out of the zoo going?
  10. Who actually kills Dumbledore?
  11. Who saw Percy kissing his girlfriend, and who is the girlfriend?
  12. Who was the Potters' secret keeper?
  13. What was Cho Chang's broomstick?
  14. What describes Ron's new wand?
  15. Now let's move on to some harder questions. What is Harry's bank vault number?
  16. Which ear did George Weasley lose?
  17. What fruit do you have to tickle to get into the kitchen?
  18. What does Dumbledore say he sees in the Mirror of Erised?
  19. What is Draco Malfoy's Mum's name?
  20. What are Fred Weasley's last words?
  21. What kind of Bertie Bott's Every-Flavor Bean does Dumbledore take from Harry?
  22. Who was Scabbers?
  23. Why did Cho Chang not go with Harry to the Yule ball party even though he asked her?
  24. Now for some spell questions. What is the killing curse/spell?
  25. What happens when you say Lumos?
  26. What is the spell to get rid of a boggart?
  27. What is the spell to cast the Bendomete curse?
  28. Now for a really hard one. What hex causes teeth to elongate?
  29. Second to last question! Let's make it easier. What is Fleur Delacour?
  30. Let's end with an easy question. What family is Harry's favorite?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Harry Potter books?