which harry potter character are you?

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Love Harry Potter? Well by taking this quiz you are probably figuring out the answer to the biggest question ever... which Harry Potter character you are.

In this there are questions about Harry Potter that you will need to know to get the ultimate character...Harry Potter. They are only from the first to third movies and books so don't worry if you haven't seen them all.

Created by: genevieve
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  1. If you were in the classroom listening to snape tell you the page to flip to you would:
  2. You are inside the Chamber of secrets and see that Tom Riddle was already defeated. You :
  3. Which of these traits would you rather have as a wizard?
  4. What is your dream pet for hogwarts?
  5. You are inside Hagrids house in the Invisibility Cloak and Lucious tells Hagrid that Dumbledore is being taken away. You
  6. You see mrs Norris hanging on a hook and mr filch comes past.you:
  7. Which of these is NOT in the Hogwarts Library?
  8. Dobby is:
  9. The spiders name is:
  10. What did Ron's mum make Harry for Christmas

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Quiz topic: Which harry potter character am I?