What Harry Potter character are you?

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Cant get enough of Harry Potter? Are you DYING to meet J.K Rowling? Have you found and acc on Pottermore? Congrats! You are a PotterHead! Dont worry i am one to and ITS FANTASTIC

Look no further fellow PotterHeads because in this quiz, you are going to find out what Harry Potter character you are most like! Just answer the provided questions honestly and you will find your true relatable Harry potter character

Created by: Luna Lovegood
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You and your friends are going to honeydukes! What are you going to get?
  2. What would you play in a game of quidditch
  3. If you where a teacher at hogwarts, what would you teach?
  4. Pick a girl to be your friend
  5. Choose a boy to be ur friend
  6. Choose a subject to take.
  7. Choose a spell
  8. Choose a pet
  9. Choose a magical object
  10. Who is your fave HP character ( These following questions wont harm your score :))
  11. Do You like HP
  12. Do you like this quiz
  13. Who is ur fave My little pony character (search it up if u dont know what it is)
  14. Why r u taking this quiz

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Quiz topic: What Harry Potter character am I?