OBMS Dating Quiz

Sometime people cant find that special person. that soul-mate. that companion. Well this quiz is here to help. Just plug in chug(says mr.oerther!hahaha) and you can have a dream date in no time!

Do you feel that way? Well than this qiuz is right for you. Just plug in true results, send me a myspace message, and i'll hook you up with your dream date

Created by: carly of Ocean Bay Gossip Site
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  1. How many BF/GF have you had in the past month?
  2. Idea of perfect Date:
  3. How long was your longest relationship?
  4. Longest time you went without going out with someone?
  5. Have you gotten your first kiss?
  6. How would you give yor first kiss to someone new?
  7. How many GF/BF have u had........EVER!
  8. Do you date secretly?
  9. What is your sexuality?
  10. what would a good anniversary present(for girls)
  11. What would a good anniversary present be?(for guys)

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