Are You Dating a Teenage Boy?

Ever felt like you were dating a 16 year old boy? Well this is the quiz for you! This quiz will help you determine the maturity of the person you are dating.

Find out if you can put away the Guitar Hero or if you should stock up the fridge. Take the "Are You Dating a Teenage Boy?" quiz! There are 6 possible results!

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  1. When it comes to relationships. You believe sex isnt as important as love.
  2. When a friend of the person you're dating is rude to you, the person you're dating:
  3. You and the person you are dating are driving in the car and punk rock comes on the radio. The person you're dating:
  4. You express your dislike for a group of people the person you're dating became friends with after starting to date you. The person you're dating:
  5. When arguing a point with the person you're dating, the person you're dating:
  6. The person you're dating's buddy gives a Chuck Norris fact. You roll your eyes. The person you're dating:
  7. You ask the person about their plans for the future. The person you're dating:
  8. The person you're dating gets physically hurt. They:
  9. You need to communicate an issue with the person you're dating. The person you're dating:
  10. The person you are dating makes a mistake that hurts your feelings. The person you are dating:

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