Are you dating-material?

Dating is hard, you've gotta know wich boy to hold close or reject. Do YOU know how to make that choice?Take this quiz and find out!!!Do you Have what it takes? Do you kow how to use your natural charm?

Don't be too, short, or too tall...Not too dark, not too pale...Not too ugly...But not only phisics count... Figure out if you've got the BRAINS to seduce a boy!

Created by: gaby
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  1. Your crush since like forever finally asks you out.what do you do?
  2. lets say that you're having a longlasting relationship and it's your turn to pick a perf spot for the ideal date. To you, that would be...
  3. He kissed you for the first time ever and the next day he avoids you all day...
  4. you ask a guy out...How?
  5. You wanna dump him... waddaya do?
  6. You like your best friend's guy.
  7. You like a guy, but he's aloser and no one likes him.
  8. You catch your guy cheating ...
  9. pick one!
  10. three guys like you: You pick...

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Quiz topic: Am I dating-material?