If your bf/gf was an animal, What would he/she be?

People can act like animals in so many ways!!!! Dating is one of them!!!! how they treat you, how much they love you..... their personality!!!!! I dont have anything else to say but i have have 150 letters and it wont let me just type stupid syuff... its not like your gonna read this anyways.... because guess whta... Its too long! HA!

So what kind of animal is your Bf/Gf?????? find out right here right now!!!!! UGH... yess again i have to type crappy stuff because ima idiot and have know idea what to put.... but hey maybe your an idiot too, an idoiot dating a pig!!!! wel idk.. but now you do!

Created by: monica
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Does your bf/gf like to play outside?
  2. Does your Bf/Gf tell you they love you all the time
  3. How much does your Bf/Gf eat?
  4. What does your Bf/Gf like to do as a date?
  5. how much time does your Bf/Gf spend watching tv?
  6. Does your Bf/Gf try to make you do "something" you dont want to do?
  7. has your Bf/Gf ever cheated on you?
  8. Why are you still with him/her?
  9. what would be one reason you two would break up?
  10. what do you think your boyfriend/girlfriend is?

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Quiz topic: If my bf/gf was an animal, What would he/she be?