Witch breed of horse are you?

There are horses that get to have fun but there are some that do not. Would you like to die.We share this planet with many species of animals, and every person out there has an animal they resemble. Some people may be more aggressive animals, others more timid. Some may be large while others are small. Whatever the circumstance, we each have an animal match

So what is your animal match? You can find out simply by taking this quiz. You could be a bear, maybe a mouse, or something in between. Answer the questions as best you can and then find out which animal you are. Hope you enjoy it!

Created by: Shyanne

  1. What breed would you be?
  2. what color would you be?
  3. If your rider was new would you test them.
  4. How would you live
  5. Would you have a?
  6. Would you be wild or not?
  7. What would you be?
  8. How tall would you be?
  9. Would you like cold or hot wether
  10. Night or Day?

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Quiz topic: Witch breed of horse am I?