What animal are you?

What kind of music are you? Find out here!ok im just going to be saying words now so hello how are you doing. im doing just find. thts quite funny. well im going to go run around in ittle circles till i fall over and run some more. isnt that super?

words words i love words. words are so cool. its not what it seems everyone. I have to write this because the stupid quiz makers are making me so yup. ok so lets see here. i love words. do you ike words? pudding jello oranges. lol. i am crazy. isnt that great?

Created by: the noob
  1. *FREE INSTRUMENTS FOR SALE* What one do you pick?
  2. Choose a transportaion:
  3. You mostly care about:
  4. you see a hot dude/chick,on the side of the road,with car problems,while going to a tour. What do you do?
  5. If you were to meet the following who would it be?*this is a give away question*
  6. how would you discribe how you dance?
  7. blank
  8. how would you describe yourself?
  9. Where would you want to tour first?
  10. Blank

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Quiz topic: What animal am I?