What Type Of Fall Out Boy Fan Are You?

There are many different types off Fall Out Boy fans. Some are crazy, some are down to earth, and a whole lot are in between. If you are a fan of Fall Out Boy, take this quiz to find out where you fall.

So go on, take this quiz! It's fun... I know you want to. Unless you don't. That's cool too, although if that's the case I really don't understand why you are still reading this.

Created by: xxtime2dancexx
  1. Which album is your favorite?
  2. What is your opinion of the fanbase?
  3. When did you first get into Fall Out Boy?
  4. Who is your favorite band member.
  5. Would you ever get a tattoo that relates somehow to Fall Out Boy?
  6. What did you think of "Evening Out With Your Girlfriend"
  7. What else do you listen to?
  8. Now that the quiz is over, here a few fun questions that will not affect your score, first: what is your favorite fall out boy song (out of these)
  9. And out of these..
  10. And these
  11. And these..
  12. And these..
  13. And last one... These...

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Quiz topic: What Type Of Fall Out Boy Fan am I?