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  • I got the over over obsessed fan, I do love them a lot but sadly I've never seen them live and the only merch I have is one shirt, also I wish I'd discovered them earlier, I was only 8 at the beginning of the hiatus and only discovered them when centuries came out, now I love all their music though, and Honestly my 8 year old self probably wouldn't have anyways

  • Average fan,I do like fall out boy but am more into the heavy metal bands like slipknot or ice nine kills but I do like the punk rock to like them and MCR. Cool quiz mate.

  • Over Over Obssesed Fan. Unforetunatly, I was to young to expiriance Fall Out Boy as they came. I was 9 when they broke up and didn't understand what that meant at the time. I miss FOB.

  • also there are some typos and things that got cut off


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