Fall For Your Type: Meet The Boys

You are a new young girl that just moved into town. You are in your junior year of high school and you are on the swim and soccer team.You meet these 3 guys that seem to have an interest in you.

There's Bronson the hot , popular foot ball jock , Brandon the fine arts geek with a fluent tounge in any language you could think of and Ozzy the emo rock band member that can't open his heart. Which boy will you fall for?

Created by: AReez
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  1. It is the first day of school and you have to walk to school.
  2. You are day dreaming as you are walking and are snapped out of the faze when you hear foot steps behind you...
  3. But just before you could get a head start on running from the foot steps a body crashes into you. You look up to meet two violet eyes that belong to a handsome boy:
  4. "Oh i'm sorry i ran in to you , it's just that my brother Bronson was supposed to give me a ride to school and left me" the boy explains while he is picking up his trombone and violin case. You notice on the tags the instruments says his name is Brandon.
  5. You both decide to walk together to school and had a good conversation. Turns out Brandon is in all the fine arts programs and language classes. As you near the school you notice Brandon tenses up:
  6. You and Brandon keep walking pas a big crowd until you heard ..."Well well little bro seems like you've caught a good one for me" Brandon turns to face his brother with steam blowing out of his ears.His brother had beautiful hazel eyes that bore into you own with similar features like Brandon.
  7. The other boy walks past Brandon and walks straight to you and gently grabs you hand and lightly kisses it. " Hey my names Bronson and you would probably have a lot more fun with me that my ork dork of a brother"
  8. you snatch your hand away and storm off to first period chemistry.
  9. As you sit in your seat you notice a guy with shocking red hair sitting next to you staring at you:
  10. You say hi to the guy and he just looks at right dead in the eye. His grey eyes scan your soul , finally he says" Oso"
  11. You:excuse me? . He turns to you and says " My name is Oso but i go by Ozzy" looking at the desk.
  12. You notice the cut marks on his arm but don't say anything about it and started to work on the assignment
  13. ITS LUNCH TIME!!!!!!! After you walk out of the lunch line to find 2 seating options : to sit with Ozzy or With Brandon and Bronson
  14. You start to walk towards Bronson and Brandon's table but as soon as you see Bronson Make out with this hoe , you start walking to the table that Ozzy sits alone at...
  15. You start a slow coversation with Ozzy , talking about bleeding animals and piercings when you notice Bronson glaring at you:
  16. The day goes by in a flash and did not have the chance to see either guy since you had Athletics for your last period class:

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