High school, Drama, and Guys P4

In this part, you figure why you got out of bed and cycled to a house in the middle of the night! And is Rave going to talk at all... ever? And where has Mike been? Is Jill still your friend?

NICK- Hes the jock. Likes sports and meat products. He has blond hair and blue eyes. Muscular, tall. MATT- Funny and romantic. Hes a sweetie! Brown hair and hazel eyes. Muscular, averge size. MIKE- Mysterious trouble maker. Red hair and bulging muscles!! RAVE- Lonely, seems sweet. He has black hair and red eyes!! He is tall and average body weight.

Created by: Kirsteen111
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  1. You twist the knob and walk inside of Nicks house. You walk up to the living room. You are so angry. But you hear voices coming from behind the bedroom door. You place your ear against the door. You hear snickers and laughs. This painfully hurts you deeply as you remeber what the note said, "Nick is not being honest.. he has a.. GIRL FRIEND. Her name is Rachel."
  2. You hear Nicks laughs and Rachels.. your heart is heavy. you were so angry that you came down here to give him a peice of your mind, but now your just sad. You just want to go home and sleep away the memories.
  3. You wake up to the sound of your alarm clock, "Hmmm.. it still works." You throw your pillow against it. And get up and dressed for the day. You still feel very sad and unhappy. You are getting dressed. but you dont put on anything special. You dont feel like it. Instead you wear a black shirt with dark jeans and head out the door. You walk out the door and see Rave across the street again. You are determined to get a ride to school and learn more about him, so you call to him
  4. You say, "Rave!!" He looks up over his small black car. You skip toward him. You are beeming brightly and you say, "HI!!" He looks a little interested at least. You ask him, "Hows it going?" Nothing.. you hesitate, "Could i have a ride?" He gets into his car and starts it up. You hop in the front seat, with out him saying yes or no.
  5. He starts to drive. He doesnt mind you in his car obviously. Other wise he would have kicked you out. You think of a plan to make him smile.. What would make any guy smile..? A kiss might..
  6. At the end of the ride. He pulls up to the school. Your hands are extremely sweaty and your heart is beating wildely. Because you have decided what your gonna do.. He gets ready to get out of the car.. Its now or never! You quickly lean over and give him a peck on the cheek. Then you run out of the car as fast as you can!! Like a girl afraid of snakes. You are sooo red right now! You are running as fast as you can and right before you open the door to the building you peek over your sholder. Rave is.. laughing?! Youve never seen him laugh before! And his smile is so cute!!
  7. You shut the class room door behind you. You made it just in time before the bell rang. Matt motions you to sit next to him. You do. As the teacher is lecturing, he whispers to you, 'im so sorry.' you give a reassuring smile, even though you dont feel ok. You whisper back, 'why did you call Rachel last night?' He pauses for a sec then answers, 'i needed to ask her a question' With that the teacher handed out homework. She passed out sheets about equations. And theres a bunch of shapes on it too.
  8. After a few classes, its lunch and you dont know who to sit with.. Theres Jill. You walk up to her and smile. She is furious though. You ask her, "Whats wrong?" She looks at you angerly, "Like you cant tell!" You are about to ask what in the world she is talking about when you hear Matt behind you. "______! I was just looking for you! I wanted to know if you wanted to see a movie tonight. Tomorrows the weekend so.." Your thoughts go crazy. Jill likes Matt and yet he has the odasity to ask you out right in front of her!! You tell him, "Look. This isnt a good time right now." Matt just nods and walks away. Jill speaks up, "This is exactly what i was talking about! Matts wild about YOU!!"
  9. She walks away from you and you end up sitting alone at lunch. The rest of the day goes by quickly until you see Nick in the hallway.. He spots you smiles and runs in your direction. You frown deeply and start walking away quickly. He runs next to you and walks by your side, "Why are you walking so fast? You in a hurry?" He is joking around but you dont laugh. Thats when he places his face right in front of yours and asks, "Are you ok?" You dont look him in the eyes and start running toward the nearest exit. (schools over by the way)
  10. You exit the building but he persists on following you. You yell at him, "Leave me alone, JERK!" He follows, "What are you talking about?!" You two keep running until finally your at your house. You open your door and turn around to face Nick. And then you yell at him, "You CHEATED on me! With Rachel, YOUR GIRLFRIEND; and dont ACT innocent!!" His face turns to shock. And his face gets pale, "Girlfriend? Who.. told you that?" You scream and yell, "Matt told me the truth!!" You then slam the door shut. And you run up stairs to your room and sob.
  11. After a few hours you decide to go outside and go for a walk. You see Mike, across the street, experimenting with some sort of canaster. You walk up to him and say, "Hey!" He turns around quickly hiding the canaster behind him, "Oh. Its you. Uhh.. i was just.." He looks kind of nervous. Thats when you say, "Whats that your holding?" He answers saying, "Nothing. Hey ive gotta go now so.. See ya!" He takes off into the park. But you are too interested in what he was holding so you follow him.
  12. You see him enter a cave of sorts. Thats when you carefully follow him. Or at least you tried to.. Thats when youfelt a sudden pain at the back of your head. You feel dizzy and fall to the ground. Black.
  13. You open your eyes. You're in a ditch..?? You slowely get up and Mike shoves you back down to the ground. "YOU CANT GET UP, youll blow our cover!!" He whisper yells. He then looks over to Rave. Rave looks at you and smiles sweetly. You get a feeling in your heart from his smile. Then Mike tells him, "We're ready do it now!" Then Rave pushes a large red button on a small panel. BOOOOOM!!
  14. You hear a very loud bomb go off and you hear something fall to the ground. You hear several shouts. Mean while Mike is laughing hysterically. You begin to sit up and you angerly whisper as you suddenly see the scene. There are several cops yelling. There is a blown up POLICE CAR!! You say, "You BLEW up the car?!! O MY GOODNESS WAS SOMEONE IN THERE?!!" Mike whispers back, "Of coarse not. Were not murderers!! Just having some fun!" He chuckles.
  15. "IM GOING HOME BEFORE WE GET CAUGHT!" You whisper. Then Mike says, "Good luck getting home with no help. You dont even know where you are!" He right.. you think. The Rave pipes up, "Ill show her." Rave can talk... His voice is so cool! Mike then says, "Wait, wait. What if she can find this place again.. Well have to.." With that Mike bonks you on the head with a canaster. Black..

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