High school, Drama, and Guys P3

This series is a little different than other ones. See in my series, you dont know who likes you and who doesnt. There arent guys that automatically like you, like in most stories. So its pretty much cooler

In this part you end up riding in a really cool car, and basically spending the day with Nick. And you text Jill a little bit too. But there is a cliff hanger for more drama!

Created by: Kirsteen111
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  1. "Hey, ______" You hear Matt and Nick say. You turn around and see them kind of freeze as they notice you with Rave. Nick begins to talk, "Hey, come walk with us." You pause and look back at Rave. You..
  2. You are about to decide when,... ring ring ring. Its Nick's phone. He picks it up. "Yah... uh oh! I will have to call you later k? See you!" Nick hangs up. He smiles at you and says, "I have a game at noon and so i dont have to go to school today." Matt then pipes in, "If we were all that lucky.." It makes you three smile. Nick then continues, "Come with me. Or with Matt or whatever." He says with a smile that gives you goose bumps. You say, "Sure!" (you didnt really think that through. You know missing school and all). Matt smiles warmly and gives you a gift?! (where did that come from?) He hands you a small box that is very light. Then he says, "Have fun. But not too much with out me!" Then he runs across the street. As you and Nick walk the other direction you remember.. Rave!! You quickly turn back but the car and him are gone..
  3. You put the box in your pocket and continue walking with Nick till you get to his car... "O MY GOODNESS! Its a Camero!" You squeel and run to the shot gun seat. Making your self comfortable. He laughs, "Its more than that its just plain sick!" He says as he starts the engine. It makes a very impressive roar. You giggle. Then he drives it all the way to a feild where he will play a game. But on the way there you speed through the city! It ends up being a lot of fun
  4. You come to a stop and he exits the car. He is met by that girl you saw yesterday. The one with the mini skirt and pink top. They hug. Thats when you decide to get out of the car and begin walking over there. Then Nick whispers something in her ear. Thats when you walk up right next to them. She leaves, and Nick explains, "Thats my sister. I told her not to bother us." Nick then grabs your hand and winks. You feel a tingle run down your spine. He walks you over to the feild where he introduces you to all the players. Then he drops you off at the stands and the game begins.
  5. You wait and watch and wait and watch. You begin to text. But when you check your phone book in your cell, theres Jill's number. "Wonder how that got there.." you whisper and then text, ~Is this Jill?~ a few seconds later.. incoming message. Jill- ~yep~ You- ~ru feeling better~ Jill- ~ya srry bout that yesterday~ You- ~im wth nick at a game~ Jill- ~really??~ You- ~yup and its been several hours its dark now~ Thats when you hear a bunch of clapping. The games over.
  6. Bing- incoming message from Jill. You almost open it but then Nick walks up and puts your phone down so he can see your face. "WE WON!!" He is beeming brightly. You put as much enthusiasm as you can when you say, "Thats AWESOME!!" He picks you up and whispers, "The reason i played so good tonight was because when ever i looked up. You were there." Then he nips your ear. You giggle uncontrolably. Later when he drops you off he says, "Goodnight babe! This means were going out now right?" He shows his white teeth. You blush
  7. You smile and say, "Yes!" And he does what you didnt think could ever happen. He grabs your cheek and pulls you close to him.. BUT!
  8. You hear a voice yell, "Nicki!!" Its that blonde again.. what was it ... his sister. They hug each other. You say, "My parents arent home.. you wanna come in and watch a movie?" They look at each other and blonde says, "Sure thats an ok idea.. umm but i would rather go to my house." Nick looks inbetween you two. You then pipe up, "Ok, then" You three head across the block to a giant house. You enter
  9. Finally you finish putting in the movie, "Nick and that blonde.. what did she say her name was..??" You think harder, "Nick and... Rachel! Yes Nick and Rachel have been taking forever to get the popcorn. And this dumb movie player is very hard to get the movie playing." You look around the spacious room and wonder whats taking them so long.. Then they walk through the door with three popcorn buckets. You shout with joy! Nick laughs. Rachel turns off the lights. But before everyone sits down Nick takes out his phone quickly texts, then puts it away. He then says, "Lets press play so we actually get to see a movie tonight!" That made you laugh and feel emberassed. So all i had to do was press play.. you think to your self.
  10. Right when Nick pushes play he sits down on the coach next to you. Then ANOTHER distraction. Rachel's phone rings, "Yah... uh huh... Sure Matt!" She hangs up. "Guys, Matt just called me and said it was URGEANT that i come to his house so.. i will be back later ok?" She then bolts out the door. You get this very bad feeling in the pit of your stomache.. Youve never been alone with a guy.. just in his house. And especially not a guy you only met YESTERDAY! Suddenly this says bad idea all over it.
  11. The movie is almost over now. Nothing bad has happened. But then Nick slyly puts his arm around your shoulder. And when you look at him he kisses you. Yup. As you pull away.. his eyes seem to glow blue (not literally there isnt something super natural about him!). He smiles the cutest smile and you feel like your queen of the world. That night you went home at 3 am. No nothing else happened after the kiss.
  12. You are in your bed almost asleep when you remember the text u got. You take out your phone and read the words, "dont you know?" You pause and also remember the box., You get it out and open it. Inside is a note. Nothing else but a note. It says, "Nick is not being honest.. he has a..." The next word stuns you COMPLETELY!! You huff and huff. And you just can believe it. Your in shock
  13. You jump out of bed and run down stairs. you run into your garage and whip out your bike. You get on and pedal as fast as you can to a house. You really arent thinking right about this but its late and your in too much shock to do anything different...
  14. You arrive at the house and you dont even care to put the kick stand out. you just throw the bike to the pavement below. You twist the knob of the door... CLIFF HANGER!!!!

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