what degrassi boy should you date?

There are tons of HOTT degrassi guys and tons of Sweet degrassi guys which would you pick? are you picky are you free willed lets find out which degrassi guy you are the best with!!!

which degrassi guy would you date is a quiz that will tell you what degrassi guy you would be best with.degrassi is the hit Canidian Tv show that is about teenage high schoolers that go throw mager drama.

Created by: juleeana
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your fav type of movie
  2. What is your fav qulity in a guy?
  3. where would you want your first date to be at?
  4. what would you rather you boy friend have?(if you where a faithful gf)
  5. would you want your boy friend to be....
  6. are you...
  7. would you rather be....
  8. could you handele cancer
  9. could you handle being in a wheelchair
  10. are you a pick dater?

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Quiz topic: What degrassi boy should I date?