The Degrassi Quotes Quiz

Degrassi: The Next Generation (now known as Degrassi) is a teenage drama that comes on TeenNick (in America), and it's a show that goes in depth in teenager's lives and what they're going through.

Many of the characters on Degrassi have said a LOT of things, but can YOU remember some of the famous (or not so famous) things they've said? Take this quiz to test your knowledge!! (NOTE: THIS IS A VERY DIFFICULT QUIZ!! ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK :D)

Created by: Maya Rae
  1. "No glove, no love!"
  2. "Forgive me, Libby-Tibby-My-Ickle-Nubby-Wubby-Pumpkin Head, please!"
  3. "Who needs steak when you can have a big mushroom instead?"
  4. "You really make it sound like cough syrup."
  5. "(sarcastically) Nice moves, Spin."
  6. "You think I'm a freak too! Get out!"
  7. "Alli's one track mind strikes again!"
  8. "You've clearly underestimated my love of the Food Network."
  9. "You guys named yourselves after a bra cup?"
  10. "...or, as Holly J puts it, an unwelcome addition to Degrassi."
  11. "You just blew off one of the hottest girls at Degrassi for your mom's pasta sauce?!?"
  12. "People do not get shot at Degrassi. They just don't."
  13. "Why are my feet wet?"
  14. "He's all sensitive; I just wanna give 'em a big hug."
  15. "'s your birthday."
  16. "Yours looks like a thrift store threw up."
  17. "Even a grade nine boy knows how to treat a lady."
  18. "What is that, a sandwich?"
  19. "She's the cafeteria lady. Ever think she's trying to get you to buy more fries?"
  20. (imitating Elvis) "I'm sorry, lil' lady."
  21. "I'm sorry. Are they tender?"
  22. "Let's make a rule: you see Paige and Hazel in school only."
  23. "Manny Santos, my have you grown!"
  24. "Okay. You loooooove her..."
  25. "Uh oh! Chemical spill!"
  26. "We're boring. Believe me."
  27. "I don't know what's worst: seeing these shirts or Derek's shirtless."
  28. "Personally, I don't give a rat's a--" (interrupted by Mr. Simpson)
  29. "Relax, Slim's a party!"
  30. "Manny's choreography is more fun than going to the beach."
  31. "Bee! Bee! Bee in the car!"
  32. "What did you expect? For he's a jolly good fellow?"
  33. "Thanks for the hash brown, home fry!"
  34. "Holly J is the devil."
  35. "You're the type of girl that expects everything to be handed on a silver platter."
  36. "Nice going, Spin-ner!"
  37. "It's an allegory about the French Revolution!"
  38. "First rule of puberty, Spin: shower every day."
  39. "Yes, while I'm putting numbers into my new phone, I'm multi-tasking!"
  41. "Easy, cuckoo bananas!"
  42. "High school parties are awesome!"
  43. "Because, in 5 seconds, I'm gonna kiss you."
  44. "Shut the front door, you have a girlfriend?!"
  45. "For those heavy flow days. There's gonna be some blood loss out there."

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