How Well Do You Know Degrassi?

I created this Degrassi quiz to show my fascination with the show and to see who else is a Super Degrassi Fan like myself. So if you are you'll have no problem passing this quiz.

This quiz is meant to test your knowledge on degrassi. This quiz will mainly focus on Degrassi seasons nine through ten. So don't worry if you haven't seen Degrassi since the beginning.

Created by: Taj
  1. Who is trans?
  2. What two guys fought over Holly J?
  3. Who was arrested?
  4. Who left Degrassi?
  5. Who is Clare's boyfriend?
  6. Who was raped?
  7. What is Holly's last name?
  8. Who sings?
  9. Who is the father of Jenna's child?
  10. What is Eli's real name?
  11. What is Emma's real name?
  12. Who did Riley punch?
  13. Which two had a fight?
  14. Who did Declan come back for?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Degrassi?