The Ultimate Degrassi Quiz

There are lots of people watching Degrassi on tv, but not many follow it day by day! If you think you know your Degrassians, you might like to take a serious quiz, just a bit more difficult than the average.

Are YOU a Degrassian? Couldn't you live a week without your favorite school? If you're looking for a challenging quiz, this one's perfect! Take it, and in a few minutes, you'll find out if you should start thinking about switching schools! ;)

Created by: Linda of Twitter
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  1. First, a simple question to test your Degrassi dedication. How often have you watched an average episode?
  2. Who hasn't been seen holding a real gun?
  3. Who of the following people haven't had drugs?
  4. Who were never in a girl fight?
  5. Who hasn't been a victim of untrue gossip though the entire school?
  6. Who did never try to kill themselves?
  7. Who wasn't a victim of pedophilia though their years at Degrassi?
  8. Who was part of the first DegrassiTNG love triangle?
  9. Who's car hasn't been vandalised?
  10. Who's family's living room did we never get to see?
  11. Who never did self-injury?

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