I Just Need You Here episode 12

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Are you ready for it?! The ultimate most fantastic love story of you and the boys?! What will happen this time? So there are few episodes left, and then I might make another series.

So... you've just been rescued from the boarding school. If you didn't know that, then go and refresh your memory. Uh- FROM THE BEGINNING of the series. And if you're not a natural girl, please leave the premises!

Created by: Ardeo9999
  1. Recap: (yea you'll need one, it took forever to get this one out,) You, Nate, and Matt are in the underground hideout. The coast is clear, but you guys can't take any chances. Nonetheless, you can't live in a dirt cave for a month with to boys. Sketchy.
  2. "So how do we finish off these officials?" you ask Nate. "We're going to have to come up with a plan." he replies. "How about we go to Nate's dads' house?" Matt suggest. Nathan gives you a glance. "I don't know if he got the letter," Nate says uneasily. "What happened to your folks?" he asks Matt. "They were on vacation in Floirda. I was living with my Aunt, and probably she's got the authorities searching for me."
  3. "Whoa," you mutter. "I vote we go to Nate's place," you say. Nathan is still uneasy about the whole thing, but going to Matthew's would be pure suicide. They'd get caught, separated, then have to start all the way back over from the beginning. So soon, you've all agreed to leave for his place tomorrow.
  4. Soon enough you guy are back on the road. Well, not exactly on the actual road, or else you'll get caught; but you are walking through the woods, using Nate's compass to guide you in the right direction of his house. The journey could take up to a month, seeing you are right in Nova Scotia. You are heading for Chicago, Illinois. It will have to be on foot so you can avoid being seen by society.
  5. After about a week of traveling, you guys all just want a break. You've reached a train station in New Brunswick,and you are running out of food. Matthew decides to be the one to run into a convinience store ans buy some food. He takes his disguise of a brown wig, nerdy glasses, and just some regular clothes. He walked in the store, and nobody gave him a second glance. He pretended to look around the store, searching for his mom while mumbling, "Mom? Oh, where'd she go off to now?" Then Matt successfully returned with provisions to last them another while.
  6. You guys are so desparate, you stoaway on the next train, and hide in an empty boxcar. It is filled with wooden crates, stacked high. You plop down on the floor and lean back. Nate comes and sits right next to you, so that you are touching. Matthew had a sad, jealous look on his face. He went and sat on the other side of the boxcar.
  7. "Matt," you say. "Come sit with us," Matthew grunts at your request. Finally, you are getting sick and tired of Matt acting this way about you. So its cute that he's so in love, and depressing how he can get so broken. But now, you've had enough. You get up and almost stomp over to him. "Matt!" you say in a commanding tone. "I DON'T LIKE YOU. WE. ARE. JUST. FRIENDS . " you say each word loud, to the point, and practically spell it out to him. "Our relationship is OVER! Don't you see? I could never love you like that again! Now would you stop acting like a baby and move on! Come and sit with us, Matthew."
  8. Matthew looks up at you with rage, and the deepest pain like you just tore the life from his lungs, ripped his heart from his chest and sliced it in two. He jolted to his feet, as tears welled up in his eyes. "Well I'll just leave you two love birds alone then! You don't need a useless tag-along like me!" he screamed at you, crying his eyes out. He turned around and jerked open the boxcar door. Seeing the danger, Nate jumped up and ran over. The rushing wind almost made it impossible to hear as it whipped their hair and faces. "SHUT THE DOOR!" Nathan shouted. But its too late. "NO!"Matt yells back, hurt and angry. Right then, before you could do anything, Matt leaps out the door. "NOOO!" you scream.
  9. You scream in agony. You didn't know his love was that burning hot. You had no idea of the seriousness of the issue. "We've got to go out there after him!" you yell to Nathan. He turns to you in shock. "Do you want to get us killed? He's already far behind us. There's no way you're going out there." You sit back down on the floor huddling, and begin to sob. Nathan shuts the door and sits back by you. He puts his arm around your shoulder. "I didn't know it was that bad," you wail. "It's all my fault! What have I done?!" "It's not your fault,"Nate squeezes your shoulder. "Maybe Matthew should've have just accepted the fact that you two aren't more than friends. But his stubborness led him to believe he could get you back. He wouldn't let go when he needed to. And now he has let go. Not of you, but his sanity, his life. There was nothing we could do." You listen to Nate as you try to control the flow of tears slippping down your face.
  10. "Come closer," Nathan says softly. Eagerly, you sit on his lap, somewhat sideways so he can see your face. He puts his arms around you and holds you tight. Next thing you know, your arms are wrapped around his neck, and you are kissing. With his hands on your back, he keeps squeezing you as close as he can. Soon, yours and his chest are right against eachother, and you two kiss passionately over and over. His hands move up and down your back, and you run yours through his hair. Holding his head, you pull him into a more intense kiss.
  11. Soon, you remove yourself from him and ease down until you are in a lying position. Then, Nathan gets down on all fours and crawls over to you. With his head hovering over yours, he gazes dreamily into your eyes. It is not too long before he is lying right on you, with his lips kissing yours. There are so many sparks flying. You have went through everything together. Through all this pain, he was always there for you. You two are a tangled mess of arms and legs, and end up rolling all over. You keep kissing.
  12. Finally, you part your lips and sit up. Nathan looks right in your eyes. "Will you marry me?" he says. "I can't wait until the wedding," you reply, blushing. "In three years we will be old enough," Nate tells you. "I'll be ready and waiting." you respond with the biggest smile ever.
  13. Well, I hoped this was very enjoyable!!! There are just a couple episodes left now!!! So hope you stay tuned for the rest!!!
  14. Don't forget! Rate and comment!!! Thanks for taking the time to read the story. I'm really glad to have you reading it! ;)

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