I Just Need You Here episode 11

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The days of dreariness continue. You long for the good old days, back growing up with Nathan, and back playing baseball with Matthew. They're both gone now. One lost. One dead.

Will you be able to keep going? Family and friends are all gone away, and half of them dead at that. Please comment and rate! I love all you girls out there! Please, this is episode eleven, so if you're new, please turn around and do the first one :)

Created by: Ardeo9999

  1. Your days are filled with tears. You constantly reminisce those times where you and Nathan would spend the nights in the forest, with your head resting safe on his chest, and his hand stroking your hair and arm around your waist.
  2. You would do anything to get Nathan back. If you could have him back, you would live every moment with him to the fullest. You realize Nathan is the only thing that keeps you going in this life. You need him. You cant live without him.
  3. One night, you hear pebbles hitting your second-floor window. You wake up from your sleep and groggily drag yourself to the window and open the curtains. Down below is a shadowy figure you cannot make out.
  4. "----," he whispers your name from the ground. "It's me, Nathan. Pack up a bag and then come back to the window. Hurry!" Shocked, you stare at Nathan for a second. "Go now!" he says. "You're-you're- you're dead!" You exclaim silently. "It was a fake! C'mon, hurry! They're on us!" Whose on you? you wonder. Recognizing that the boy's voice truly did belong to Nathan, you hurriedly pack a knapsack with extra clothes, a flashlight, blanket, and some spare money, paper, and pens. Nathan's death was a hoax? You were so happy that he was alive that you found tears of joy slipping down your cheeks.
  5. You rush back over to the window. "Do you want me to go to the front door?" you say. "No, it'll make too much noise," Nate replies. "Well... I can't come out the window," you say sarcastically. "Yes you can," he responds with confidence. "How, Nathan?! I'm not Rupunzel!" "C'mon. See the trellis against the wall? Put your feet on that, and then jump and I'll catch you." "What?! Are you crazy? Where are we even going in the first place?!!!" you exclaim. 'Shh!! You'll cause a riot. Trust me, okay?" Nate quiets you. Trust him. Trust him. Has he ever let you down? You decide to run away with him. It's better than being stuck in this mess of a school.
  6. So that's what you do. You are standing with your toes barely clinging to the trellis, which is about to tip over. You toss your pack down to Nate, and he sets it beside him. You climb down the trellis, then finally, you make the jump. Grimacing, you prepare yourself to meet the cold, hard ground. But instead you are caught in the strong arms of the boy that has never stopped loving you. You wrap your arms around him, and he hold you tight. With your head on his shoulder, he gives your head a light kiss and whispers, "I couldn't bear another day without you, so after faking my death, I set out to find you," he says.
  7. Suddenly, you hear foootseps inside the school, and see a lightswitch turn on through one of the windows. You hear the agitated voice of the school head, Mrs. Franchie. "We'd better get out of here quick!" you whisper quickly. You are almost in the woods behind the school when you see Mrs. Francie flinging the curtains aside your bedroom window. You make eye contact. A scowl is dominant on the teacher's face. Soon, she is calling for her secretary to get the police. She knows your history.
  8. You find yourself rapidly running through the forest, hand in hand with Nathan. There must be somewhere you can hide. Beyond the forest stretches a lonely road leading to the city. It is on that road you hear sirens that get louder as they come your direction. You almost trip over Nathan as he brings you two to a halt. "What are you doing?" you ask he bend down to the ground. Right before your eyes, he reveals a hidden trap door. He hastily swings it open. "Get in," he urges. You pull out your flashlight and walk down the steps of earth. Nathan follows behind you and gently closes the trapdoor. "Ow!" you hear a yelp from within your cave as your flashlight beam alights on the interior of the cave. "Who's there?!" you ask.
  9. Your flashlight beam lands on that golden, wavy hair, the sparkling blue eyes, and te ever so familiar face. "Matt?" you exclaim. "Yup, thats me. How 'bout you keep that light out of my face?!" He says, squinting. "Oh," you say, and move the flashlight away. You survey the cave, which is no bigger than 10 by 10 feet. In a corner are shovels leaning against the wall. A rug is laid out across the dirt floor, and in another corner are provisions. You look to Nathan, who has taken a seat by Matthew on the ledge carved out of the earth.
  10. "Who made this place?!" you ask Nate. "Matt and I built it," he replies proudly.Suddenly, you hear footsteps overhead. Nathan takes immedeate action. "Everybody huddle in the corner quick! Lights out, and don't make a sound!" he orders, and you all rush in the corner and obey. After the menacing sounds above seem gone, you all relax, but wait another five minutes before getting up. "I'll go see if the coast is clear," Matt whispers. He unlatches the door and silently sneaks out.
  11. Once Matt is gone, you turn around and take a good look at Nathan. "I missed you for so long," you whisper. You walk up to him and glide your hands through his hair with your right hand. He is taller and handsomer than when you had last seen him. He gently raises his hand to your hip and holds you. You fall into a long kiss. You sit down on the ledge. "When we are old enough, I'm going to marry you," he says.
  12. Matt returns. You walk over to him. "What happened that day when we lost you?" you ask him. "We were going around a corner, and one of the officials slapped his hand over my mouth. He took me away, but I freed myself and followed you guys. By the time I caught up, you had been taken away by the foster people, and I met up with Nate. I couldn't prevent The Barnabí¼les taking him. The police returned me to my parents. I think they thought they had me under control. I had told Nate before we were separated to meet back up, and that's exactly what we did. Mission accomplished...kind of..," he left off. Your jaw drops in amazement.
  13. "You guys care about me so much," you say in appreciation. "I couldn't have better friends." You give each of the boys a hug.
  14. I hope you like the reunion of Nate, Matt, and you. Do not worry, the series is not yet done! There are still officials to bring to justice!!!
  15. Please rate and comment!!! It takes like only one second to rate, and commenting is optional, but I would really appreciate it! Thanx

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