Fairy Tail Quiz Episode 1: The Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail... a long-lasting anime that has kept us Otakus waiting at the edge of our seats for a new episode (alas every Saturday). How about a quiz to test your knowledge on the episode that started it all?

These questions are very easy (if you've watched the episode). If there is any advice or critique of the quiz I'd be pleased to hear it. Ridicule me, if you please! And good luck my friends!

Created by: Noxic
  1. What station do Natsu Dragneel and Happy arrive at in the beginning of the episode?
  2. Who are Natsu and Happy looking for?
  3. What happens to Natsu when they reach the station?
  4. What does the storeowner want to sell Lucy?
  5. How much is the Celestial Gate Key of Nikora worth? (Originally)
  6. How does Lucy bribe the shopkeeper?
  7. After Natsu is disappointed by the fact that Bora is not Igneel, who beats him up?
  8. As Lucy begins to leave the restaurant, what do Natsu and Happy do?
  9. Who does Lucy look up to as a role model?
  10. Where does Lucy drop her keys?
  11. Who does Aquarius attack?
  12. Who taught Natsu?

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