How much do you know about Fairy Tail? (Up to ch 434)

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Are you into the Fairy Tail universe and want to prove it? Then you have come to the right place! This quiz has a colection of 30 questions from anime and manga, up to manga chapter 434.

Please, note that english is not my mother language, so I hope you can forgive any grammar or spelling errors you may find. Good luck answering the quiz!

Created by: Goldlarvitar

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  1. When were de Exceeds eggs sent from Edolas to Earthland?
  2. How did Meredy refer to Ultear Milkovich?
  3. When was Makarov born?
  4. What Grimoire Heart's ex-member can we see between Avatar's minor worshipers during their battle with Team Natsu?
  5. What stands E.N.D. for?
  6. How old was Sherry Blendy at year 791X?
  7. How many members had the Independant Guild Crime Sorcií¨re at the end of Tartaros Arc?
  8. What is the name of the 19th opening of Fairy Tail?
  9. How many oponents atacked Lamia Scale during the Orochis Fin vs Lamia Scale incident?
  10. "Oración Seis" has a meaning in spanish. What is the english translation?
  11. What was Juvia's reaction when she saw Musica and Gray at a cafe during the "Fairy Tail x Rave" OVA?
  12. What pairing got married during the timeskip after 791X?
  13. What is Yuka's surname?
  14. What color is Levy's guild mark?
  15. When was Goldmine first seen?
  16. Where was the principal building of Phantom Lord?
  17. What asked Freed to Makarov when he awakened at Fairy Tail's infirmary after Raijinshu's fight with Tempesta?
  18. What was the strongest team of Edolas' Fairy Tail?
  19. What was Cana's pet when she first arrived at Fairy Tail?
  20. Where is Lamia Scale's Guild?
  21. Alegrí­a is the name of a curse. What does this spanish word mean?
  22. What said Gajeel to Levy when he found her in Tenrou Island after she ran away?
  23. Which character is Juvia's ex-boyfriend?
  24. How much went the world back in time after Ultear casted the Arc of Time spell?
  25. How much time was Leo living as a human and outside of the Celestial Spirit World?
  26. How old was Romeo Conbolt at the beginning of the series?
  27. What is the most caracteristic thing about "Lone Journey" and "Lone Journey II"
  28. What's the meaning of Natsu's name in japanese?
  29. Which one of this has never been a Celestial Spirit Mage?
  30. Who defeated Midnight during Oración Seis arc?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Fairy Tail? (Up to ch 434)