Fairy Tail Quiz How Strong Are You

So this quiz is about if you joined Fairy Tail how powerful will you be will you be weak and rugged or as powerful as Makarov answer in the quiz and see your results.

Why I made the quiz. I was looking up a quiz to see what I would get I didn't see one result so I decided to be the first Thank you all for testing and enjoy your results maybe shove it in someones face?

Created by: Natsu Dragneel

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  1. What magic will you have (Doesn't effect grade.)
  2. Do you want to be a dragon slayer?
  3. After defeating Oracion Seis One of the alliance guilds Dark Wings. It has four extremely powerful members Ar: Arc of time magic Ix: Sky Dragon Slayer Xur: Requip Red: Four Takeovers Fire Ice Water Earth.
  4. Whoever you go for is with another one of these four. What do you do.
  5. Say a comrade comes by and the sky dragon guy is behind him. He lets out a roar it brings him straight down.
  6. If you used your most powerful spell the requip dodged in front of him to protect him. Your attack goes through them both taking two down. The one of those three who are remaining is Red, the master. He goes into his Earth takeover with you finding out he is a dragon slayer of the Elemental 4! What do you do.
  7. If you surrendered lets say your comrade got up and beat Red Otherwise you did nice. Okay Ar makes a teleport out of the master. Now say you use your strong attack and he's down and Dark Wings is defeated. After which Fairy Tail comes back. Mirajane is there and get shot in the legs by a gunshot and then Elfman gets enraged and he turns into demon form going crazy as he did with Lisanna, what do you do.
  8. You get back to Fairy Tail Elfmans cool again and everyone's good but then all of a sudden Laxus is a traitor again and he shocks up the master the doctor says he will be dead in a week.
  9. Wendy is back (Or if your Sky you healed him.) and then Gajeel and Gray are picking a double with Natsu. Natsu suddenly has a fight comeback and Natsu is placed in S class despite how he beat Gray and Gajeel so hard they had to rest for a while, after he becomes S he asks you to join him. Will you come or no.
  10. Put in one of questions 1-3 if you answered yes to the last question. 4-6 if no you didn't join. 1-3: So this time your visiting Lamiya Scale to help destroy somewhere in the mountains to prevent another Exo Dragon 4-6: You are lying around Fairy tail and Levy spots a Dragon that looks Iron, In the end its not Gajeels its artificial. The dragon destroy's a pillar nearby and Lucy gets caught in it right when she's exiting Lucy calls for help but on the way there is a robot that mimics your moves. How do you beat him.

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