How's Your Life in Fairy Tail?

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How is YOUR life in Fairy Tail? Who are you and what do others think of you? What is your power? All these questions will be answered... This is my first quiz!

This quiz has 12 questions and some role playing. You characters will be made up. Perhaps I might make a quiz for you with a fanfic. I might make one question which will ask what character did you get and then you will get your story.

Created by: FT_Emily
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. This is my first quiz! This is for GIRLS ONLY! At the end, the results will show what character are you. They are all made up, the images are from Google. The names are made up and they do not exist in the series. This is for entertainment purposes only! Anyways... Let's begin! What kind of powers do you like?
  2. Next question! Who do you like?
  3. Describe your personality
  4. *grabs pillow and hides behind the couch* What's your favorite color? *holds up shield*
  5. Next question! Wh- Natsu: Who's your favorite cat?!?!? Me: -_-
  6. Gray: What is your favorite season? Me: That's all you got? Really?!?!?
  7. RP time! You are going on a mission and need to pick partners. Who will you choose?
  8. A village is under attack. What do you do?
  9. You're almost done with the quiz! This is the end of role playing, but pick a lucky number!
  10. Thanks for playing my first quiz ever! Be sure to check out my other quizzes and etc! Last question and probably the most annoying one: Do you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How's my Life in Fairy Tail?