High school, Drama, and Guys P6

More adventures in this episode and you get to spend a lot of time with Rave!! And you get to catch up with an old friend. See what romantically happens in this episode.

This day couldnt get better and you really do need a break from all the stress. Have a fun and relaxing time in this long quiz. Dont forget to leave comments!

Created by: Kirsteen111

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  1. You wake up feeling a little better. Not quite as sad. But being hurt.. well hurts. You walk up to the window and peer out to the sunrise. It must be pretty early. Guess who you see walking by..
  2. Its Rave! You open the window and yell out his name, "RAVE!!" He is startled and glances around till he sees you in the window. He waves slowely. You smile and run down stairs.. forgetting to get dressed. You approach him in your pajamas, "Hey!" You beam.You looks down at your outfit- he halfway smiles. "So.., uhh.. What are you doin today?" He asks.
  3. "Nothing." You reply. Admiring his voice. "Then.. you wanna.. umm.." He stammers. Hes not used to talking much. But then he laughs and says, "Go to the prom with me?"
  4. "O my goodness the prom! I read about it a few weeks ago but.. Its tonight?" You continue, "Umm.. why dont you come by my house at eight to pick me up.." You smile sweetly. His open more and he chuckles a bit, "Uhh.. sure. I mean yes!" He gets in his car and drives away.
  5. You have no idea what you were saying. You just kind of spouted the words out. But he is sweet :)... A DRESS!! Its your first prom date.. DATE? Hmm.. didnt think of it that way.. Any way- its your first prom you need a dress right?!! You suddenly get a call.
  6. "Hello," you answer. You hear the voice of someone familiar. YES it is her :D!! Its Lilie (lil for short). She was your bff.. until you moved away two months ago. Youve been so busy you have forgotten to call her.
  7. "Hey! Whats up?" She asks. You answer, "SO much has happened!" But then you hear her giggle, "You can tell me all about it in person.. I just finished moving into an apartment close to your house!" You both scream! And you ask,, "WHY didnt you tell me earlier?!" she answers.. "I wanted it to be a surprise!"
  8. You decide to meet at the mall. At the fast food joint there. You wait only for a minute or so.. when you see her. Strawberry hair. Smiling and beautiful as always. You both scream again and run towards each other. Joined by a hug.
  9. You tell her everything that has happened. About you and Jill. And Matt and Nick. And about the prom. She smiles. "Youve been through a whole lot alright! But what are we waiting for, we need to get you a dress."
  10. You wonder from store to store. Chatting. "So.." She begins, "Are any of them cute?" You smile, "Well.. they all have their attributes.." You keep walking. She then asks, "Oh. What about that Mike guy?" She winks
  11. You laugh, "I dont know. Hes a little playful but rude at the same time." Finally you guys find a store you like. As you browse the racks, Lil suddenly gasps. You turn around and gasp even louder!! Its a perfect dress..
  12. It is a deep midnight blue. There is a little bit of glitter at the bottom in the shape of stars. The dress is full length and a little poofy. No straps. And it is very tight at the chest area.
  13. You try it on. It looks absolutely stunning on you. Your hair goes so great with the color. And it seems to shine beautifully. Lil smiles so widely. "Its perfect" You buy it in a heart beat. And you decide to find Lil a dress too. Who says she cant come?
  14. You find a pink dress. It is knee length and has no back. It ties around the neck. It doesnt have any sequins though. You show it to her and she adores it. When she tries it on- it brings out her green eyes and her strawberry hair.
  15. Pretty soon- after ice cream, its 4:00 pm. Only four more hours. You two walk towards your home. On the way there you see Mike. He is happliy doing nothing but blowing things up. You walk up to him and you can tell Lil is totally taken away. Mike smiles, "Whats up?" You smile back. "Hey, Lil. Why dont you go back to the house ill meet you there in a sec." Lil nods and smiles at Mike. Then she goes away. You speak again, "Mike, would you go with Lil to the prom?" He seems taken back by the question but says, "Sure."
  16. You meet up at the house and tell Lil that Mike wanted to talk to her. She leaves happily. You finally rest in your home. Then.. a door bell ring. Huff--
  17. You open the door and see a guy. About your age and he is regular body shape and he has brown hair with blonde highlights. It is a little bit long but not too much past his ears. Deep brown eyes.. Your mouth automatically drops. Your eyes open at least three times as big as they usually are. Your heart racing and breathing harder. Stunned..
  18. "uhh.. I think ive got the wrong house." He smiles a half smile. Your heart stops completely. And for a second you think that your going to die if you dont believe. He frowns and steps backwards slowely, "Umm ya ill go now." Then he turns aroun and runs. Lil walks up shortly after. but you cant move a muscle. She tilts her head and says, "Looks like youve seen a ghost! Are you ok?" Your mouth is still open
  19. You shake your head, "Never mind. What about you?" Lil smiles and walks into the house. Obviously excited. You talk about things and get ready for tonight. You do what with your hair?
  20. You get a phone call, "Hey, ____! Come to the dance with me tonight." Its Nick.. huff. And he sounds so excited.. you hate to tell him no.. "Im going with somebody else.." A long pause. "Oh," he says disappointed. "What about tomorrow? Wanna go somewhere?" You say sure. Then you hang up and realize its 8:00
  21. You step outside and realize Rave just pull up. You tell Lil to have a good time. Then you walk up to his car and get inside. His red eyes were glowing softly and his smile gave you a heart attack! His hair is black and hes in a tuxt. Man.. hes cute :D
  22. You walk into the dance hall. Wow they really decked it out.. You two head to the punch bowl. You sit down in a chair next to it and so does he. He is starring at you though and you blush as he says, "You.. look beautiful.."
  23. Suddenly the lights go dim and many people head to the middle of the dance floor. With the lights so dim, the decor of the room looked so pretty. The song starts. A slow paced song. And Rave stands up. He turns toward you and sticks out his hand, "Will you dance with me.." His hair perfectly reflecting the lights. You say yes. You take his hand and you get chills. You head out to the dance floor and he puts his hand gently on your side. You feel so beautiful and lucky to have a gentle dance partner. Tonight is perfect.
  24. You sway to the slow music and act like a fool when the faster hip music comes on. To your surprise he can do the twist with ease. LOL. And he seems to be having as much fun as you are. Then a another rock song comes on and you two dance merrily to the lyrics, "True love exists. Yes i know this. My heart was racing for you and when we met i felt my chest pop fast. Waiting for the chance to know you. To hold you. To open up and show you how it feels when you know.. You are not alone." -Alone by Sanctus Real. Its a really good song and the lyrics make you feel queezy as you look into his eyes. At the end of the song..
  25. He shyly asks you, "You are so pretty can.. i.." His eyes turn soft and he pulls your hair behind your ear. You have goose bumps. He starts to.. BUT then you hear Lil shout your name behind you, "____! Are we leaving now?" You turn and she realizes she has interrupted.. "Ill meet you at the house.." She says as she runs out the door. You turn back ...???
  26. Rave's gone.. Who do you like?

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