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  • How well do you know me?
    [published: Aug 11, 2010]

    Do you know Kirsteen111? Well find out by taking this quiz. Do you really know me or are you going to…

  • High school, Drama, and Guys P6
    [published: Aug 6, 2010]

    More adventures in this episode and you get to spend a lot of time with Rave!! And you get to…

  • Highschool, Drama, and Guys P5
    [published: Aug 3, 2010]

    So many truths are revealed in this part. Part five. Will you find out if Nick was really cheating…

  • High school, Drama, and Guys P4
    [published: Jul 16, 2010]

    In this part, you figure why you got out of bed and cycled to a house in the middle of the night!…

  • High school, Drama, and Guys P3
    [published: Jul 15, 2010]

    This series is a little different than other ones. See in my series, you dont know who likes you…

  • High school, Drama, and Guys P2
    [published: Jul 14, 2010]

    Ok, this series is not just all about guys but this part is a whole lot about relationship! ITs…

  • High School, Drama, and Guys P1
    [published: Jul 12, 2010]

    High school, drama, and guys? Yup you betcha! All three makes this series very interesting with…

  • Astronomy Whiz!
    [published: Jul 9, 2010]

    The Universe is very interesting. there are so many stars and galxies to learn about. And the Universe is so…

  • Do you know Skillet lyrics/songs?
    [published: Jul 8, 2010]

    How much do you know about Skillet's lyrics, albums and songs? Do you know which new songs…

  • More than Just Love: P4 City of Life
    [published: Jun 25, 2010]

    THERE IS GOING TO BE A BATLLE. A huge and large battle but where will you stand when it…

  • Good Traits about You
    [published: Jun 24, 2010]

    Have you ever taken a personality test that put you down and told you that you were too bossy or too gaudy?…

  • More than Just Love: P3 Old Habits
    [published: Jun 23, 2010]

    Ages 11 and up plz!!So what happens? Does the Son raise up from the dead? Is that even…

  • Are you Optimistic or Pesimistic
    [published: Jun 23, 2010]

    Have you wondered if you are optimistic or pesimistic? Have you wondered how that affects other…

  • More than Just Love: P2 Blood Stained
    [published: Jun 22, 2010]

    More than Just Love series is more than just romantic love it is special and so much…

  • More than Just Love: P1 Dark Surroundings
    [published: Jun 20, 2010]

    You may be interested by the title of this small series. More than Just Love. It is a…

  • Are You All-American?
    [published: May 2, 2010]

    Are you All american? Do you even live there? Well, wether you do or not, try the quiz to see how much you…

  • When Winter Comes (Finale)
    [published: Mar 9, 2010]

    READ BOTH OF THESE PARAGRAPHS PLEASE!!! Well, This is it. I can't believe its over. You wil finally…

  • When Winter Comes 13
    [published: Mar 7, 2010]

    Wow, has time flown by. It is almost time to see who you will choose. Will you choose Derek, emo guy. Jake,…

  • When Winter Comes 12
    [published: Mar 6, 2010]

    Time is going by so quickly. You have to choose between three guys. Jake- Dark hair, hazel eyes. Wesley-…

  • When Winter Comes 11
    [published: Mar 5, 2010]

    Wow, has the time gone or what?? The three guys are still left. Who will you choose to love? You have a date…

  • When Winter Comes 10
    [published: Mar 3, 2010]

    What happens to you?!! There was a gun shot flying by your head?!! Will you live? Will someone save you or…

  • When Winter Comes 9
    [published: Mar 2, 2010]

    Things are getting really weird! And you are going to find out that things are getting dangerous. What will…

  • When Winter Comes 8
    [published: Feb 28, 2010]

    Finally it's out! For those of you who have been waiting, the waiting is over! You have moved to Chicago for…

  • What Dragon Are You
    [published: Feb 10, 2010]

    Dragons are all majestic! They do all kinds of cool things. Do you want to see what kind of dragon you would…

  • When Winter Comes 7
    [published: Feb 6, 2010]

    You are on vacation. Its time to kick back and lay in the sun. Or will you spend more time exploring? You…

  • Deadly Situations
    [published: Jan 30, 2010]

    Have you ever wondered if you survive in dangerous situations? I looked up different situations and found out…

  • When Winter Comes 6
    [published: Jan 29, 2010]

    You are on vacation. There are four guys that are digg'n you. Who will you love? Try this quiz to find out..…

  • When Winter Comes 5
    [published: Jan 28, 2010]

    You are on vacation and there are four guys digg'n you! You spend time with each of them and you get to…

  • When Winter Comes 4
    [published: Jan 27, 2010]

    You are on vacation and you are having a great time. It's kinda difficult with all these guys wanting you…

  • What Type of Fairy are You
    [published: Jan 25, 2010]

    Have you ever wished you were a fairy? Have you ever wished that you could be a certian type of fairy?…

  • When Winter Comes 3
    [published: Jan 25, 2010]

    You are on vacation. You know three guys and they all are digg'n you! You decide which one you like as you go…

  • When Winter Comes 2
    [published: Jan 24, 2010]

    This is number TWO! You are on vacation in Hawaii. It's time to kick back and lay in the sun, or will you…

  • When Winter Comes
    [published: Jan 23, 2010]

    THIS IS NUMBER TWO!! You are on vacation in Hawaii! Its time to kick back and lay in the sun, or will you be…

Kirsteen111's Recent Posts

  • Soap Opera Time!!!!!!!!
    "Well thats good news. I HATE- and i mean HATE highschool. Highschool changed me in ways that i didn't want. I can't wait for"
  • Heller everyone
    "Bye ^-^"
  • Soap Opera Time!!!!!!!!
    "Same here, do you like highschool? (unless your in junoir high)"
  • Heller everyone
    "Hello! Oh i love amusement rides!"
  • I'm stupid
    "Besides, i'm sure it'll be fine if you just say you were sorry"
  • Soap Opera Time!!!!!!!!
    "Oh! lol. Sorry i dont remember much- i have a bad memory. :/ Do you go to school? What grade?"
  • I'm stupid
    "Ah, i see"
  • "Lincoln by a million. He joined the united states together by force! Lol war."
  • Soap Opera Time!!!!!!!!
    "Angel- i forgot how i knew you. Sorry if that seems mean but could you remind me of how we met?"
  • I'm stupid
    "Wait, what happened exactly?"
  • Alright
    "I like music- no harm done! Sounds like you've changed a bit! I have changed a bit too ^-^"
  • I'm stupid
    "Oh- dont feel bad. We all do things we regret"
  • Soap Opera Time!!!!!!!!
    "At least online you can be who you want to be. If you've had a bad day or are having mood swings, you dont have to show it. Its all about wh..."
  • Current Emotion
    "I feel bored"
  • DAMN!
    "I agree- epic!"

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