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  • Soap Opera Time!!!!!!!!
    "Well thats good news. I HATE- and i mean HATE highschool. Highschool changed me in ways that i didn't want. I can't wait for"
  • Heller everyone
    "Bye ^-^"
  • Soap Opera Time!!!!!!!!
    "Same here, do you like highschool? (unless your in junoir high)"
  • Heller everyone
    "Hello! Oh i love amusement rides!"
  • I'm stupid
    "Besides, i'm sure it'll be fine if you just say you were sorry"
  • Soap Opera Time!!!!!!!!
    "Oh! lol. Sorry i dont remember much- i have a bad memory. :/ Do you go to school? What grade?"
  • I'm stupid
    "Ah, i see"
  • "Lincoln by a million. He joined the united states together by force! Lol war."
  • Soap Opera Time!!!!!!!!
    "Angel- i forgot how i knew you. Sorry if that seems mean but could you remind me of how we met?"
  • I'm stupid
    "Wait, what happened exactly?"
  • Alright
    "I like music- no harm done! Sounds like you've changed a bit! I have changed a bit too ^-^"
  • I'm stupid
    "Oh- dont feel bad. We all do things we regret"
  • Soap Opera Time!!!!!!!!
    "At least online you can be who you want to be. If you've had a bad day or are having mood swings, you dont have to show it. Its all about wh..."
  • Current Emotion
    "I feel bored"
  • DAMN!
    "I agree- epic!"

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