When Winter Comes 9

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Things are getting really weird! And you are going to find out that things are getting dangerous. What will happen to you?! Will you even have time for love in this episode. The answer: OF COARSE

You are in your room when you see the door open. Who is this person. Is it someone new or someone from the past. Are they freindly are wicked. Well, TRY IT OUT!

Created by: Kirsteen111

  1. You turn on the lights and your mouth drops. Almost immediatly the man grabs your mouth and pushes you against the wall. Preventing you from screaming. It's Jeremy.
  2. "Did you miss me?" He asks with a smurk. Of coarse you can't give him a peice of your mind because he is holding your mouth shut. He pulls out a knife from behind his back. He touches your cheek with the knife. He laughs. He seems a lot different. He looks insane. His pupils are huge and his hair is now black. " You are going to pay for what you did to me!" My whole life is ruined. All because you had a big mouth. And now I am going to ruin yours.
  3. "Though i'm not going to use this," He throws the knife against the wall. "I'm ging to use my hands!" He let's go of your mouth for half a second, you barely peep out a screen before he grabs your neck.
  4. You stop struggling against his hands as you feel your self being extremely weakened. Right before your eye lids close for the last time. Jake walks in! He sees Jeremy and tackles him! Leaving you breathing again but on the floor.
  5. You can't help but go unconcious. You wake up to see all the guys gathered around you. "She's awake!" Calls out Wesley. "You are alive!" Derek adds. "They already put Jeremy back to prison." Derek leaves with a hug and Wesley hugs you tightly. You are left with Jake.
  6. Jake leans close to you and brings out the picture you saw earlier. "This was my old girlfriend." He says. You just stare at him. "She and I were really close. And one day I was going to ask her to marry me.... Jesse.." He looks down for a second. "I went to her house to see a car flipped over. And another car was totally wrecked. Jesse was in that one. A drunk driver ran into her car, just before she went to work." He has a tear in his eye.
  7. "That's why i don't ever want anything to happen to you. I love you." He then leans even closer and kisses you. You hug him after he is done. "I had no idea,.." You say then Jake leaves.
  8. You go out in the hallway and you are stopped by Wesley. "Hey, how are you." He asks. You say you are ok and he picks you up. "That's great because we are going to the pool." He runs you to the pool downstair and throws you in! He then jumps in after you. Neither of you are wearing bathing suits but he doesn't seem to care. You two have fun for about an hour.
  9. You two go back to his hotel room. He grabs a towel and wraps it around you then he puts another towel on your head! "Get it off! I can't see!" you demmand jokingly. He lifts the front part of the towel up so you can see him then he kisses you.
  10. You shortly leave his rom and go out for a stroll. You see Trent on the side of the street and realize that it is night again. You walk over to him but he rushes past you.
  11. You run along side of him. "What's going on?" He is running really fast now. "Run!! Go far AWAY!" He runs full speed now and you have a hard time keeping up.
  12. You run with him all through the block until he stops for a second to rest. "What are we running from?!" You yell
  13. You hear a loud noise whip past your head. It is so loud that the sound is deafening. You can't move, time has suddenly slowed down. Your brain tries to calculate what that noise was. An answer. A Gun shot..
  14. Who do you like?

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