When Winter Comes 3

You are on vacation. You know three guys and they all are digg'n you! You decide which one you like as you go on vacation, or is it really an adventure?

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Created by: Kirsteen111

  1. You feel a hard object crash into your skull!!
  2. You fall to the ground unconcious. You wake up to see Jake standing over you. You are back in your room and it is morning.
  3. He barely smiles as he looks down on you, but his face is full of concern. "I'm so glad you are ok. I waited at the beach for an hour after sunset so, I decided to find you."
  4. "When I came to your floor, I saw you on the ground next to your door"
  5. "I picked you up and brought you inside here. I stayed up all night for you.."
  6. Before anything else happens, there is a knock on the door. Jake opens it to see Jeremy.
  7. Jeremy runs to you. "Are you ok? What happened?" "Yes I'm fine, I don't really know what happened.." Jeremy picks up your hand and holds it for a minute, then he leaves.
  8. Jake walks over to you. "What were you going to tell me?" He pauses for a moment then answers you, "I have been noticing that Jeremy.." He tries to figure out his words "Is acting really strange. You shouldn't stay with him"
  9. He looks at you so tenderly, then he kisses your forehead. "I have to go now" He leaves.
  10. After a few moments you get up and decide to go for a jog. You leave the cabin BUT you make sure that you are always in plain view, that way if the person who hits you comes back; you can be safe. You breathe in the smell of the ocean. You feel warm with the sun against your skin. You hear a familiar song coming from a building down the block.
  11. Curiosity makes you see where the music is coming from. It's some sort of community recreational center. You walk inside to see multiple people setting up stringers, balloons, and instruments. The music you heard is coming from large speakers.
  12. Jeremy is setting up stringers when he spots you, and comes over. "Hey ___, do you like it? It's for twelve sucessful years of the Wanikii hotel!"
  13. "It's going to be like a prom" He looked at you then chuckled, "Want to go with me?" You have nothing better to do so you say yes. "It won't be done till night." You say ok, and decide to come back later.
  14. You step out of the building, when someone grabs your hand and leads you to a flower garden.
  15. It's Wesley. "Hey! I wanted to show you this beautiful garden!" You smile shyley. He Shows you around the garden, it is very pretty. "Last but not least, the sun flowers." He announces. "The're stunning" You say. He picks one off and places it in your hair, "Just like you.."
  16. He kisses your cheek. Then looks to see your expression. You are stunned and pull away from him. He looks sad then he says "Bye" Then he leaves
  17. It's time for the dance, you go back to the hotel and change into a beautiful dress. Then you run back. You make it just in time. Every one is dancing with someone else except for two people. One is Jeremy and another is a guy you've never seen before. He has dark hair and raven black eyes. He is sitting in the corner.
  18. Jeremy takes your hand. "May I have this dance?" "Yes you may." You two dance to your favorite slow song. As a matter of fact, you dance until midnight. But it doesn't bother you because he is a fine dancer.
  19. His touch is so gentle that you drift into sleep... Who do you like?

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