Golden Bell Winter Camp Love No2

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Your parents are out on yet an other honeymoon for a month, and they aren't taking you. So they send you to the Golden Bell Winter Camp. You've been playing dares on the train with your new friends, Emily, Diamond, Joe-Lisa, Nark, Steve, Oliver and Elliot.

Yes, it IS yet an over one of those quizzes where you end you with a guy at the end of the whole thing, but this is only part two, so you don't know much about the guys yet.

Created by: spacedustchaser
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  1. You are on the train to Golden Bell winter camp with Mark, Steve, Elliot, Oliver, Emily, Diamond and Joe-Lisa. You all decide to play dare. Emily's the dare master and your last up. After seeing Steve do a funny pole dance, Diamond get tickled till she cried, Mark sing 'I'm a little teapot in the 4th wagon really loud and Elliot and Oliver slow dancing together in Joe-Lisa's underpants and bra (over their clothes), it was your turn. Emily waits a few minutes laughs and says 'Ok _____. I dare you to ......... kiss Mark.' Your thoughts right now?
  2. All the girls burst out laughing, Elliot and Oliver share a glance and try not to laugh, Steve tries a fake giggle and Mark's face is emotionless. Emily starts shouting 'Come on, we haven't got all night!', which brings an other wave of laughing. You look at Mark, he just smiles and asks you 'Are you okay about this?' Your answer?
  3. Emily speaks up before you had the chance to answer 'It doesn't matter is she isn't ok about it, she has to do it, for 5 seconds!' You just laugh and say Ok, you sit next to mark, and start to lean forwards to him, he does the same and your lips meet. Everyone is silent, except from Emily, who started counting, 'One' your eyes are closed, you open your mouth and his tongue meets yours, 'Two' he's a surprisingly great kisser! 'Three' you open your eyes to see what he's doing, his green eyes are open, staring at you, he lets out a small laugh while you are still kissing, making you giggle 'Four' you both stop laughing and keep on kissing until 'Five, break it up love birds!' You lean back and laugh, but what's going on in your head.
  4. Anywho, you guys play dares for a few more hours and by midnight, you guys are all exhausted and decide to get into there PJs, the guys will just sleep in their tops in boxers ( ew :S ) while you guys go to the dressing wagon ( Yes, there IS a wagon which is filled with JUST clothes 8D ) and pick out PJs. Which do you pick?
  5. You come back in your PJs into your room, and thankfully Joe Lisa took too long as the guys were all asleep and covered up in their Blankets, Phew. You fall asleep and dream of...
  6. You wake up at 5 am even though you had a late night and you can't get back to sleep. You look around, no ones awake. You sit on the sofa and stare outside the window. It's still dark, but the moons's really bright, a bit more than half full. It's the country side, and it's pretty plain. Not much to look at. You turn around and see Oliver with his phone right in front 'What the......' is all you could manage to say before you hear a FLASH. Oliver laughs, you start shouting 'Oh my god, You big perv!' and chase him for his phone, saying 'Delete that now!' While he's blowing raspberries at you like a big kid, you eventually get the phone and punch him 'Ow! That hurts! Don't do that!' 'Well don't take pictures of me at night you big pedo!' you delete the picture and hit him again. You only woke Joe-Lisa and Steve, you all decide to go at the back of the train outside and cha till morning, well, later. (the guys have there trousers back on btw, and Oliver had trousers during the whole thing) You stop at the clothe wagon to get coats, you pick:
  7. You guys sit outside in your coats and PJs and chat about home. You find out that Joe-Lisa has a girlfriend at home as she is bi, and Oliver, Elliot and Steve are single.You guys talk a little more before Mark joins you. You chat all together and he says he just broke up with his cheating girlfriend Four single boys? Nice! ;)
  8. You all go back to your room to wake Diamond, Emily and Elliot and all get breakfast in the food wagon. What do you get?
  9. You had a pretty average day afterwards, talked to everyone a bit, talked to your friends back home on the phone andMessed around with all your stuff. The train stopped at 16 and let more people in. You get bored, so you and Diamond decide to play dress up and scare to knew people, You both find lovely roman like tunics and gladiator shoes. You pick:
  10. You both find matching helmets and swords and decide to put white make up so you can be roman ghosts walking through the train. You do that for an hour, laughing really hard all the time, so it's not too convincing. You start to walk back to your room when the train suddenly stops and OMGANOTHERCLIFFHANGER, what a pity. :( I guess you need to come back for part 3 to find out the results.

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