How well do u know Drake Bell?

This is a quiz about Drake bell. He is a BIG star that i love. i am probbaly one of his biggest fans... so all of the answers to this quiz are totally true. No doubt. If you can pass this quiz, you MUST be a really big Dreak Bell fan.

I made this quiz because i love drake bell, and i wanted other people to see how much they know about him. I hope all people who take this quiz can pass. And that they enjoy it.

Created by: alyssa

  1. How old is Drake?
  2. where is Drake's home town?
  3. What tv show was he on last?
  4. What are the names of Drakes new movies comming out?
  5. when was drake born?
  6. When did Drake relase his first album?
  7. what is Drake's full name?
  8. Who is drake bell's role model?
  9. how many awards is Drake nominated for in this years kids choice awards?
  10. When did his show "drake and Josh" end?

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