How much do you know about Drake Bell?

This quiz was to find out if you know a lot about Drake Bell and the show, Drake and Josh... If you love the show and if you love Drake's music... this quiz should not be hard. You're a genius and we know it. You gotta love Drake Bell!

If you don't know enough about Drake Bell... study up and come back again to try this over and see how you do... and you call yourself a genius... oh please. Haha! Well, we know you love Drake... just try again next time!

Created by: bec

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  1. What is Drake's full name?
  2. Finish the line... It's always better when
  3. What is Drake's birthday?
  4. What is Drake's dream car?
  5. How tall is Drake?
  6. Finish the line... If i could have a single wish...
  7. In the episode of Drake and Josh, Little Diva, what is the little girl's name?
  8. What song does Drake play in the: Drake and Josh Go Hollywood movie?
  9. What is the 2nd episode of Drake and Josh called?
  10. What is Drake's biggest fear?
  11. Finish the line... Right in front of me...

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Drake Bell?