do u know drake bell?

this quiz is bout drake bell. he ROCKS!! hopefully u know something about him. if not then dont bother 2 take this quiz. plz try ur best and get a good result! im running out of things 2 say and i still gotta type. so hi hope u like my quiz.

are you a drake bell genius? do u have the drake bell smartness? until now u could only wonder. but thanks to this great quiz, in just minutes you will find out!

Created by: sandi
  1. when was drake bell born?
  2. where was he born?
  3. whats his favorite cartoon?
  4. whats his birth name?
  5. whats his nickname?
  6. how tall is he?
  7. what is his band called?
  8. which car of his did he crash?
  9. what kind of car does he own now?
  10. he attended the immensely prestigious Orange County High School of the Arts. true or false?
  11. what is his moms name?
  12. what is his favorite school subject?
  13. he has a kitten named Natasha given to him by Miranda Cosgrove. true or false?
  14. who is his role model?
  15. he ha s2 older brothers named rob and travis. true or false?
  16. did u enjoy this quiz?

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