Drake & Josh Quiz

Do you love Drake and Josh? You have watched episode after episode all these years. Now, check out just how much you know and remember and reward yourself for all that time spent.

Are you a Drake and Josh memory bank? Thanks to this fun and hilarious quiz, you can be RECOGNIZED as such. You'll laugh; we promise! (Just a tip: try to get as many of the questions wrong as possible). Why take the quiz, then? Because it ROCKS!

Created by: tinygiant

  1. Whose car does Drake & Josh steal in the movie in which they go to Hollywood?
  2. If Drake gave in to eating junk food before Josh started playing video games (their bet), what color would the loser have to dye his hair?
  3. In what hotel does Megan stay in Hollywood (in the movie).
  4. Why did Drake want so desperately to break up with his girlfriend?
  5. Under what circumstances did Drake & Josh become brothers?
  6. What kind of dog does Drake & Josh have?
  7. How did Josh tempt Drake to eat junk food in "The Bet" episode?
  8. In the movie, where were Drake, Josh & Megan going when Megan got on the wrong plane & they had to go get her, thus ending up in Hollywood?
  9. What did Josh's lucky shirt have on it?
  10. What video game module (given to him by his grandmother) tempted Josh to lose the bet in "The Bet" episode?

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