which one are you !

This is a pretty cool quiz with results from two different T.V shows, Drake and Josh and Hannah Montana. The results are Hannah, Lilly, Drake and Josh. The gender does not matter at all, so you may get any one of them!

Every result may be liked here and there so none of them are really bad. Who are you like? Drake, Josh, Hannah or Lilly? You'll be one, for sure! Don't forget to be very honest, or you won't find out your answer.Try out this great quiz, and you can find out!

Created by: mallika

  1. what do you like to eat?
  2. what is your hobby ?
  3. who do you like to date?
  4. what do you want to bcome when you grow up?
  5. what is your wish ?
  6. what is your favourite sport ?
  7. which is close to your favourite colour?
  8. What's your favourite subject?
  9. which instrument do you play?
  10. if you have to take someone out where will you take them?

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Quiz topic: Which one am I !