How Much Do You Know About Drake And Josh?

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There are many smart people, but only a few geniuses. A genius is someone who has an extraordinary clever mind and way of thinking! They can solve hard complex challenges and puzzels!

Do you like Drake and Josh? Are you a genius? If you think you are smart enough, try and answer this Drake and Josh quiz and see how much you really know!

Created by: Vikki Payne

  1. When was the first episode aired?
  2. In the episode where Drake has to hand in an essay on current events, what does he write his name in?
  3. Josh accidentally ate Crazy Steves food. What was it?
  4. When Mindy says 'I love You', what does Josh say back?
  5. Who played Megan?
  6. Who broke Erics phone?
  7. What were the names of the 2 men selling Gary Coleman grills?
  8. When Drake and Josh got jobs, what did they have to do?
  9. When Craig and Eric had to watch Papa Nichols, what did he keep shouting?
  10. When did Drake and Josh finish?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Drake And Josh?