Test of Your Brain

"There are many intelligent people but few are caring and genius. What is Genius? "Genius is extraordinary clever mind which is able to solve complex problems".

Now the question arises in your mind "DID I AM A GENIUS" If you want to know that you are genius or not,try to solve this quiz about the cartoon hero "BEN 10".

Created by: nishchal

  1. In ben 10 who is used to be a plumber?
  2. Who is that alien who can change its shape?
  3. Which alein uses a sticky ball to collect random junk?
  4. Which alien is a lighting quick reflexes and the power to reach speeds of 500 mph?
  5. Who can create and control energy?
  6. Who is ben`s new partner?
  7. Which alien can use his four long, sticky tongues to grab and devour practically anything?
  8. At which age ben realizes he has a duty to use the Omnitrix ?
  9. Which alien can create fireballs with his hands or absorb heat to put a fire out.
  10. Which alien can stick to walls, shoot webs from his tail?

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