How Smart are you

Are you a genius ? There are alot of smart people out there but very few TRUE geniuses like say oh Stephen ! A genius is someone that can achieve extraordinary things in ordinary situations.They can solve complex problems with ease and have a wide knowledge base.

Take this quiz to see if YOU qualify as a genius.This will show you if you got the goods.It is a well rounded quiz and requires knowledge in various subjects.Have fun and guess if you have to.My psych teach always said "if in doubt pick "C" or should you ?

Created by: Stephen Lymburner
  1. The layer of earth found between the crust and the core.
  2. when magma cools down it forms _____?
  3. The uppermost portion of the earth is called the crust or ______. The crust is brittle and has an average thickness of 20 miles.
  4. Air does not have any weight.
  5. Condensation is ____?
  6. Precipitation is ___.
  7. The continuous movement of water from the ground to the air and back to the ground again
  8. Scientists use instruments called _____ to determine the chemical and mineral composition of asteroids
  9. oceans cover approximately ___ % of the earth
  10. Asteroids orbit the Sun in a belt between Mars and Jupiter. This region in our solar system is called the
  11. Shooting stars with bright trails coming through Earth's atmosphere are termed _____
  12. Refraction happens when light passes through transparent objects
  13. Sound travels faster through liquids and solids than it does through gases
  14. When light is bounced off something it can't pass through it is ____
  15. Pitch is described as ___
  16. Pitch is determined by the _____ of the vibration
  17. The sticky part of flowering plants that the pollen moves down to unite with the female cell is called the ____?
  18. Pine trees are non-flowering plants known as ______. They reproduce when pollen moves from male cones to egg-bearing female cones
  19. When did Canada become a country?
  20. Who was Canada's first Prime Minister?
  21. What was Canada's population as of July 2002 ?
  22. The Norse explorer _______ probably reached the shores of Canada (Labrador or Nova Scotia) in the year 1000
  23. During the formative years between 1866 and 1896, the Conservative Party, led by ________, governed the country, except during the years 1873�1878
  24. The meech lake accord was designed to ease the Quebecers' fear of losing their identity within the English-speaking majority by giving Quebec constitutional status as a distinct society
  25. The literacy rate in Canada is ___ (1986 est.)
  26. The most prominent religion in Canada is:
  27. The Quebec Referendum was around Oct 1997 ?
  28. Which type of fish is the best for you? (Because of the mercury contents and types of fat
  29. Which type of lipoprotein is better for you? And why?
  30. What requires the least impact on your knees?
  31. New studies have suggested that "this" has been the culprit in the increased obese population.
  32. How many small meals should you have per day?
  33. The _____ system is a way of counting using just the two numbers 0 and 1
  34. A _____ is a tiny dot of light on the monitor
  35. ____ is the programs that runs on a computer.
  36. ____ ,known as "the language of the web" is a set of codes used to make web pages.
  37. ____ also called memory is temporary storage space on chips in your computer.
  38. The ____ is the part of the Internet that consists of pages (documents) linked to each other around the world. These pages have pictures, sounds, and more.
  39. A _____ is the address of a website on the World Wide Web
  40. A _____ is an electronic machine that: (1) takes in data and instructions (input); (2) works with the data (processing); and (3) puts out information (output)

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