How Smart Are You?

Do you want to find out how smart you are? Well thanks to this cleaver little quiz you can! Just answer all the questions and the computer will calculate how smart you are, giving you a percentage of how smart you are! Good Luck!

So, how smart are YOU? Does your general knowledge have all the correct answers to my questions? The answers to these mind boggling questions can be found within just a few minuets.... thanks to this cleaver little quiz!

Created by: Cara
  1. What is a group of rhino called?
  2. What is 1899 + 257
  3. What is Photosynthesis?
  4. Which of the following is closest to pi?
  5. What do the angles in a polygon add up to?
  6. Which of the following is not a form of energy?
  7. Acording to the pH scale, what will the color of a strong acid be once mixed with Universal Indicator?
  8. Name the colours of a spectrum in order startig with red.
  9. What are the three primary colours?
  10. Acording to the reactivity serise, which is more reactive Potassium or Magnesium?
  11. What is the test for Oxygen?
  12. What is the test for Hydrogen?
  13. What is the test for Carbn Dioxide?
  14. What is the function of the nucleus in the cell?
  15. Where does the River Nile run through?
  16. Which of the following objects are not luminous?
  17. What is chlorophyll?
  18. When light travels through air and then enters a glass bolck it is bent because the speed at which it is traveling is slowed down. What is this process called?
  19. What do both plant and animal cells have in common?
  20. In an atom, electrons move around the nucleus in shells. What is the maximum number of electroms that you can have in the first shell?

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