Are you smart or a dumb head

If your smart,great! this quiz is about seeing how smart or not so smart you are in math.i hope you enjoy and try your best and don't give up! you can use scrap paper if needed!

Are you smart or are you dumb? Find out with this math quiz! but whatever you score,be proud!You tried your best and thats mostly what matters! Try taking this and see if you are good at math! it will be fun and great! I promise that for sure!

Created by: Rebecca
  1. What is 400 X 2?
  2. 500 ___ 200 = 700
  3. 5.3 x 2.7 ______
  4. list these numbers from least to greatest. 734,744,743
  5. Which answer is bigger? 7x3 or 4x6
  6. True or false? 3x8=__ -4 is 20
  7. what is this number in expanded form? 75,532
  8. is this number prime or composite? 65
  9. Is this problem correct? 10+2=8+4
  10. Did you understand most of the questions?

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Quiz topic: Am I smart or a dumb head