How Well Do YOU Know Useless Trivia?

There are many smart people, and there are a whole lot more dumb people (LIKE ME!) A smart person is someone who is exceptonaly clever. While a dumb peson is the exsact opposite.

Whitch are you? Do you have the brainpower to not only be smart but be a genius? Or do you have the brainpower to be a dork? Or are you average. Theres only one way to find out.

Created by: Luke

  1. In the 20th Century, how many 'White Christmas' did England have?
  2. You must contact the police before you do what in Illinois?
  3. In the U.S.A., recent polls about homework state what?
  4. What Will Happen To A Goldfish If Left In The Dark For To Long?
  5. What Do You Plant To Grow Seedless Watermellon?
  6. Who Was The First Prezident To Have A Christmas Tree In The White House?
  7. Yoda Is Related With What Charector?
  8. Now For A Math Problem: If 1/2=K/2, What Number Is K?
  9. If At A Restraunt, Where Is It An Insult To Give Your Waiter A Tip?
  10. In 1985, The First Soft Drink Was Served In Space. What Was It?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Useless Trivia?