How much stupid stuff do you know?

Well well little chums and chummettes come to take my quiz, have you? well you'll find out how much daft stuff you know or at least learn some....Take the quiz please!!

Are you a smartie pants that knows LOADS of useless facts? Yeah think you are? take the quiz and stop reading this paragraph of extra useless nonsense that has to be a certain legnth. Am i there yet?

Created by: *Beth*

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  1. Who is to relaease a remake of Aquas Barbie Girl?
  2. How many times a minute does a hedgehogs heartbeat?
  3. A child has 300 bones, but how many does an adult have?
  4. American Airlines saved $40,000 in 1987 by eliminating....
  5. The average human eats ... spiders in their lifetime.
  6. How many verses in the greek national anthem?
  7. Which creature has contributed to more deaths than any other?
  8. only...% of everyone that lives on the earth owns a computer
  9. Nicole Kidman is scared of what?
  10. In his youth Antony Warrell Thompson did what?
  11. Think youve got them all right so far? Try this. When is my birthday?

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Quiz topic: How much stupid stuff do I know?