UT Football Quiz

This test is not that hard. If you know just a little bit about Texas then you will score good. I'm just sayin stuff cuz this as to be long. the a it oh hi no yesthe a kool yeah

this is stupid they make u type all this just to make a stupid quiz. he she he she hi low bye no yes green blue yellow red purple pink black kool stupid I a need

Created by: Chris
  1. How many bowl games has Texas played in?
  2. What is their bowl game record?
  3. How many National Championships has Texas played in?
  4. Who did Texas beat in the last National Championship that they played in?
  5. How many players have won the heisman trophy that played for Texas?
  6. How many times did former Texas runningback, Ricky Williams, win the Heisman trophy?
  7. How many times did former Texas quarterback, Vince Young, get chosen as an All-American?
  8. What Texas linebacker won the Butkus Award in 2004?
  9. In what year did former Texas runningback, Earl Campbell, win the Heisman trophy?
  10. Who is the current head football coach for Texas?

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